Video: Pattaya police arrested 2 drugdealers

Video: Pattaya police arrested 2 drugdealers Photo credit:

Cool action movie from Pattaya police. On September, 20 police officers arrested 2 drugdealers, Ghost and Yok who allegedly sold drugs to local teenagers. Police undercover agent pretended to be a customer who wants to buy 3 grams of drug and arranged a meeting near CC Condominium in Bang Lamung.


Drugdealers found out themselves in hot water and tried to escape on Isuzu pickup truck. Police officers chased the car and shot the tyres. Pickup finally stopped but dealers didn’t want to go out. Then cops played their trump card and jumped and kicked pickup’s front door.


Ghost and Yok just had no choice but to surrender.

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In Russian: В Паттайе задерживают наркодилеров (видео)