Chonburi: Russian lost his Thailand visa because of previous conviction

Chonburi: Russian lost his Thailand visa because of previous conviction 47-year old Russian detained by Immigration Bureau of #Chonburi province. His Thailand visa was revoked because of long list of criminal activity in Russia.

Immigration Bureau of Chonburi province revoked Thailand visa issued to 47-year old Russian because of his previous conviction and possible dangerous to a public.

Vyacheslav Filippov was detained in Pattaya by immigration officers at 1:00 p.m. October 27th on the basis of National police bureau order dated October 8th. Thailand authorities revoked Vyacheslav’s visa after receiving information from their Russian counterparts about his previous conviction and criminal activity (section 12 (6), (7) of Immigration Act B.E. 2522).

In 1994 court in Omsk sentenced Filippov to 6 years in prison for extortion. In 2000 he was found guilty of robbery, receiving stolen goods and producing and selling forged documents. In 2007 Vyacheslav got 9-year prison term for drug-related offences. Finally he was released from prison in 2013 after serving 2008 prison sentence for fraud.

Chonburi: Russian lost his Thailand visa because of previous conviction

“Salary is your punishment for inability to steal”, wrote Vyacheslav on his Facebook page.

Section 12 of Immigration Act B.E. 2522 prohibits some categories of aliens from entering into the Kingdom of Thailand, including foreigners who have been imprisoned by the judgement of the Thai Court or by the judgement of the Court of foreign country and aliens whose behavior indicated possible danger to the public. If competent officials discover that such alien entered into the Kingdom they shall order him (her) to leave Thailand and prepare his (her) deportation.

Russian is awaiting deportation from Thailand. Chonburi Immigration provide no explanation about the reasons of his potential danger to a public, but some Russian media report that his visa was cancelled “because of sexual harassment” towards many Russian women in Pattaya. Unfortunately, we cannot check the reliability of this information. But, as we can judge by comments in social media, members of Russian female community were really happy to hear about Vyacheslav’s visa cancellation.

Credit: Immigration bureau of Chonburi official website

In Russian: В Чонбури аннулировали визу у неоднократно судимого россиянина